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Extras with your game: How Atlus is doing it right and others, Wrong.


Take a look above. Most of us know this is what to expect come next week. Mine's on the way and i'm quite happy that all of this greatness was just $40. The other good bit? I don't feel ripped off

Most of us who bother going for the "collectors edition" on bigger mainstream games are either disappointed or look and laugh at the stupidity or horrible pricing for what you're getting. I feel bad at times when Necros goes out buying the Special Edition versions,reviews it, then only to realize it sucks or not worth the money at all. Complete respect to Necros on having the time and money to waste on some of those awful(and awesome) things.

Since i've known of Atlus, they've always tried offering some type of extra deal or bit with their games. Lets take Thousand Arms. My sister buys the game and inside was an order form to send off with a proof of purchase for:

- [b]Soundtrack of the game (40ish songs)
- Anime art wallpapers
- Programmable Screensaver
- Desktop themes package loaded with art, dialog and sound events from the game.
- Character Profiles with High-res art, selected dialog and character theme music.

now that's just some of what comes with it (as it's saying more came with it.) My sister never sent it off (I think it was too late.) but this is on top of what already came with the game. Character art of the 3 main characters to put on your memory card. Along with this, the manual is colored, has each main character's profiles, a few black and white sketches and also colored sketches of the main baddies/side characters. Seeing PSX manuals were most of the time black and white, that's good stuff. Then you look at their current track record with Persona 3/4, Yggdra series, Super Robot Taisen, Luminous Arc, and Lux Pain just to add a few names. We're getting free game soundtracks, artbooks, small other extras. Plus, they're not overcharging us at all compared to bigger companies. I can't tell you how disappointed I was with the "New" Fable II Special edition. Considering they were giving us a model and some other things. Instead we get some "meh" halo armor and a different casing. I'm sure there was more but I was rather disappointed in that nonsense. Thankfully it was just 10 extra bucks. Then to make matters worse, people were saying their code didn't work. Good job.

Then lets talk about Devil May Cry 4's complete nonsense. First off...it was $80. Excuse me? What's inside?

- DMC4 Game
- Tin Case with reversible art.
- Vol. 1 of DMC anime
- Free artbook if pre-ordered from Gamestop.

for 80 bucks? no thanks. you're basically paying for the DMC vol. 1 anime. (which I understand sucks to begin with.) The case is "alright". Nothing to go crazy over. The best thing out of the deal was the artbook. The game, as most know, was pretty sub par for a game announced before the next gen consoles hit. Then there's the current disguse, Street Fighter 4. Not AS much but a bit more to offer. The biggest disappointment of that was the figurine. It's about the size of some happy meal toy. Boobs and all. I think the only "Special Edition" i've bought of the next gen that i've enjoyed has been the Soul Calibur 4. If not just for that T-shirt.

I guess my real big point is that it's a problem. When smaller companies, who have not so many fans, but dedicated ones as so, can provide good enough goodies for regular price or cheap, why the hell can't the bigger mainstream companies do their job in being better? I don't buy Special editions like that (and after Fable II's lol SE, I don't plan to unless I get the money worth.) It's a shame that companies like Atlus and Nis America, the main 2, provide better extras considering most of the things being ported over are level Grindfests or games not big to the casual gamers. Oh and lets give a big round of applause to Aksys for their 1st edition run of the Blazblue. No one's asking them to throw in the goodies they're giving us for the regular price, but they are.

I know most companies are trying to nickel and dime all the time. (coughNamcocough) but I applaud Atlus, Nis America, and other smaller companies throwing in extras for free with regular packaging. Something most companies do wrong even if it's not a regular copy of said game.

(sorry if this is sloppy...but i'm really stretched on time at the moment. Plus heading to work and whatnot...)
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