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Refused Classification Podcast (For Aussie Dtoiders) - Episode 4 records tonightaaaaahhhh



G'day maaaaaaaaytes.
Yes it's podcast time again, tonight we record episode 4 and talk shit about stuff that will seem relevant to the Aussie Dtoider and irrelevant and disturbing to the rest of the world. So everybody wins in the end.

This episode we will mourn the inexplicably drawn out death of Duke Nukem Forever despite it being nothing Australian whatsoever. We will talk about conspiracy theroies surrounding the game's cancellation and have a breif chat about that Chair Story.

We will also talk about Sony's cunt act policy on publishing Ghostbusters solely for the PS3 in Europe and Australia when the game is avalable on other platforms in other countries.

We will also cover a few Aussie topics and spend a bit more time answering listener questions. So you know what that means, ask us stuff! Go on, don't be shy.
We don't give a fuck if you're Aussie or just Aus-Curious, we will happily answer anything you throw at us.

...well almost anything, my lawyer has advised me that anything about my recent gang bang on ACA would have to be hush-hush for now. But it wasn't my fault anyway, Dillinger told me the camera wasn't running, god damn gimp masks are hard to hear through so he could have said anything really.

Okay, ask questions...... now.

Your hosts for this evening shall be;
Puppy Licks (me, farken)
Mr Dillinger

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