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Lunar Silver Star Story PSP ports Annouced


In the weekly Famitsu Scan, Gamearts have annouce a port of Lunar Silver Star Story Complete under the title of "Lunar : Harmony of Silver Star" at the price of 5040 Yen. Well actually more of a remake , but even though the news is a little late. But since the Lunar series is so great I got to spread the news. The PSP port will feature some enchancement such as new updated battle graphics and map graphics are also changed. All with a a brand new menu interface. And still keeping the original FMVs and score.

The map view has been completetly change. We now get a side overhead view now (Like Super Mario RPG)

As you can see the battle system uses new graphics.

The scan here saids you can use their's a special attack guage, so its kind of like the GBA version of lunar

Well kind of shame that we don't have Working Designs anymore but at least we get Lunar for PSP

Note* this picture is taken from Kotaku which took the scan from the weekly famitsu. Sorry for taking these scans.
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