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Greatest Gaming Moments: Final Fantasy VII

I've been playing video games for many years. Almost 20 years actually (I turn 24 in October). I have had some cool moments throughout my gaming career. But one I specifically remember was at the end boss of Final Fantasy VII.

In my main party were Cloud, Barret and Tifa. with Cid, Vincent and Red XIII in the other While fighting Bizzaro Sephiroth. I think I had reached around level 80-something (It was in 1999-2000 we got our Playstation late in its cycle). I had tried to save my summons for the next fight. I beat this boss fairly easy.

Now this is were it got epic. On Safer Sephiroth, I had immediately used my strongest summons at the beginning of the fight. I didn't have Knights of the Round, but I used Bahamut ZERO and Hades to get his health down quite a bit. He had injured my guys, especially Cloud, and then he used Supernova on us. Cloud and Barret were both died shortly after with Tifa at about 3 HP and her Limit break full. It was my turn I had Final Heaven for Tifa and got the first five or so slot tumblers to YEAH! were as the rest of them I was able to get hit. Since this was my last shot at beating him I wanted to get as many hit as possible, I had weakened Sephiroth quite a bit beforehand, but I wasn't sure if this was going to work or not. So Tifa started to do her thing and Sephiroth still wasn't dead, I started to get discouraged over whether or not this was going to work. Tifa was getting into her more powerful limit break attacks. Still not dead yet. Finally Final Heaven hit him and Tifa's turn was up, I immediately thought "dammit, it didn't work". But then I heard a grumbling noise and Sephiroth blew up, or however he dies. It was a while ago.

I cheered. I had beaten him with a mere 3 health points left. And thought right there "This will probably be the greatest gaming moment I'll ever have." I've had a few great moments after that, but nothing can compare to this one.
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