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I used up all my quarters and couldn't play (NVGR shortblog)

Hey Destructoid, Tehmtnlion reporting in for duty after a month or so being MIA. For those who give 2 shits, I had a bout of Real Life pop up and I was forced to embrace it with all the energy I could muster.

Continuing on, I am still writing the Zombie Thesis and in my time off I had a few more experiences that I'm going to be writing about. But most importantly, I got to veg out for a lot this past month and rock some old favourites of mine. Namely, the first 3 Resident Evils. Ahhh my ps1, how I missed her. It was like having coffee with an old ex that you had dumped for her hotter, younger sister. The younger sister being the ps2, the slut.

Anyway, most of you will ignore this post and that's cool, Poppa Mtnlion loves you anyway. But for those who do care, I'll have some stories and the continuation of the thesis up this next week.

Stay sexy Destructoid. I do love this community. And Scrixx is still a dink-toucher.
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