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10 things I learned this week: Comic Con Edition


For those of you who missed the post, I am trying to organize another meeting at Comic-con. And, as stated, I am currently looking for volunteers to help organize this because I believe it will help to have more then one person organizing this to ensure there aren't any fuck ups. And unlike last year, I am going to be taking suggestions for meeting places so we can come up with a meeting place that is convenient for everyone. So if you want to volunteer to help PM me or you can email me at [email protected]

1. I am better then Snaileb with Sagat in SF4. And I beat him with the 360's crappy d-pad. HAHA!

2. Apparently Bethesda didn't learn their lesson. I downloaded the new DLC on 360 and as has been reported the damn acheivements don't fucking work. Yeah, I know that isn't that big of a deal but it is the principle of the thing. I spent good money on the damn thing and I expect it to work the way it is supposed to work. I would've excused this in any other case but after what happened with the Pitt I would expect that Bethesda would have been more careful this time around.

And that isn't even going into the other damn problems I have had with the DLC. Since I have downloaded it I have experienced more glitches than I did beforehand. For example, certain items now float (shotguns in particular) five feet off the ground and when I was in one of the subways the ceiling dissapeared for a brief period of time. That, and the game crashed after I loaded up the DLC.

3. Apparently, people are being nice to Rev Anthony.

4. That I have been using text smiley faces way too often as of late. I remember how I stated a year or two ago how much they pissed me off and now I am using them all the damn time. What has the internet done to me?!

5. That Luc Bernard is back on Destructoid. And by back I mean to review Rev's game. I'm not entirely sure if his review can be trusted because I would imagine he would be a bit biased towards Destructoid and Rev Anthony in particular. Although I have to admit it didn't come off as bad as I thought it would when I saw that post.

6. Chad Concelmo's dreams have been dashed. I have to say Chad, what did you expect from Disney? Disney lost its soul a long time ago, approximately around the time they started relying on Pixar to make money for them and instead focused their efforts on their crappy T.V. channel.

All though I will say I do agree with Chad that a Disney sing it with classic Disney songs would be awesome and I would buy it in an instant. Especially if it had songs from the Lion King. For the life of me I'm not sure why they didn't just do that because I can assure you it would make more money than a Miley Cyrus Sing it.

7. Evil Chad is back! HOOZAH!

8. Apparently I should buy Space Invaders on XBLA.

9. Welkstar is now aware that I am a genius when it comes to coming up with stuff to do when listening to podcasts.

10. Marcus Fenix looks silly dressed as a locust.
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