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DNF - The Chair Story - If true, this has blown my effin mind - EDIT!

It's a long read, but fuck me, its worth it, trust me.
The Chair Story

It might just be a conspiracy theory, but I've read and heard enough to almost convince me of most of it.

You know whats sad, I'm not really shocked by the whole "chair" part of the story. I'm not sure if I really believe that part at all. BUT, the idea that DNF was this entire time, not actually being made at all, continues to blow my feeble mind.

That everyone for the past 10 years has been thinking that DNF development was a joke, and it just so happens that it is a joke, but the joke is on us. They've been following their plan perfectly for all these years to create a legend that is the longest developed game ever, and they've followed it perfectly.

In short, we've all been had.

Ok, I've calmed down, did a little more research, and now this has been brought to my attention, originally posted on the 3D Realms forum by the writer of the original article.
3dRealms Forum

"The Chair Story is fiction... just my attempt to have fun playing on the theories that DNF is some vast conspiracy.

Or... is it?"

So, its a great story, but apparently not much else. I honestly did freak out a bit there, but in my defense, normally I'd dismiss a story as wild as this immediately, but when the story comes from someone so close to the source then it adds a little more weight to it.

I guess if the story is fake, then my final point still stands: we were had.... or at least I was >_>
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