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More BaltiNARP nonsense. Jim Sterling questions, New Avy, what's next?


Yea Yea BaltiNARP is over. But i'm late with my "recap". First off, new Avatar. I'm taking a break from the Higurashi laughing Mion. I want some sanity left in me when I re watch the whole series. So I changed to my favorite character from the Touhou series, Remilia. There. Next.

a few vids. I think we just made up the "Vodtoid" name at the NARP ("We" being me, Spectral, and Hito.) as a crossover of our hopefully (or somewhere down the road) starting Podcast...that has no name just yet. To start it off, we decided to do a little bit we always joked about. The "Who the Fuck is Jim Sterling?" Tidbit. We didn't get everyone (sadly...) but we did catch up with Hito, Keener, Samit, and AgentMOO. First up:

Then part 2, Samit gives us his wisdom:

lastly, you'll have to wait on the first vid with Hito and Keener. Spectral didn't stop it before it reached 10 mins so it's a good 15 mins long. Plus I feel I kinda have to edit it anyway. Anyway, the usual "lightsaber" Battle occurred. Or from what I caught.

Then here...just a random vid of the ongoings of Sat night.

Then this funny one was me, Spectral, Keener, and my friend Sammi (she has an account...but doesn't post anything. I dunno her name. She's the chick at the end of the Montage 3 vid on not knowing castle crashers.) It's early sunday morning, we're really not tired. I would've stayed up longer if I didn't have to drive back.

overall, ,this NARP was pretty awesome. I have to admit there was a lot of Powerstone 2 and Street Fighter 4 going on. wasn't much Rock Band and i'm still surprised at no AvP at ALL. I didn't get any winjamming in but we all got raped by Hito in Magical Drop 3...which has made me start training. See...Hito buttfucked us all. Especially Spectral, who got addicted to it like crack. 1 minute he'd say he was getting off...and then 10 mins later HE'S STILL ON. We were all trying to hop back on and he wanted to get a win in. did it happen? nah. Though i'm kinda made none of us got a recording of it.

and on top of that, i'm on a mission...it's been going on since the first NARP. See...Hito has Radiant Silvergun. I'm a fiend for shumps and it's only growing as I goof around with all shumps I can get my hand on. The last NARP I made it to the final boss and well...I ran out of credits. -_-. Pissed? Very. This time though...I didn't make it either time I played. It's funny cause Hito suggested I put on the unlimited Credits and I personally just don't want to beat RS like that. it's pretty pointless if done that way. PLUS you already get a assload of credits to start off with. So hopefully next time i'll try to get someone to do a bit of recording on it.

overall, Rond 3 of the BaltiNARP was awesome. More people should attend next time.
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