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Marathon: The Endless Setlist 2

Rock Band 2 is currently one of my favorite games this generation. There is something about those little plastic instruments that bring me such joy. I got all decked out with the new instrument set: The RB2 Stratocaster, the Mad Catz Precision Bass controller, the RB2 drum kit complete with cymbals (I even made a custom hi-hat stand for it) and a mic w/ stand. A little excessive I know, but it's all part of the fun.

Anyway I had unlocked the Endless Setlist 2 a while ago, but I was never brave enough to attempt it, until now. It was the very last thing I needed to complete on World Tour. So I had plenty of time on my hands today and I started this little endurance test at approx 10:30am this morning. I managed to finished it at 5:06pm today with the "Vinyl Artist" and "The Bladder of Steel Award" achievements (I only played Medium so that I could get Bladder of Steel. But don't think that it was any less grueling). I haven't played that long of a session in years. I fell like I'm pushing myself when I play for more than 2 hours.

I wasn't all bad tough. I did manage to rekindle my love for some forgotten songs. I pretty much forgot all about "Cool for Cats" and "Rob the Prez-O-dent". I have over 250 songs total so it's easy for a song to get lost.

But needless to say, I'll be putting away Rock Band 2 for a while. I'll pick it back up eventually. Maybe when The Beatles: Rock Band comes out I'll get the urge to play it again.

That is all.
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