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D&Duesday Podcast Episode 3

Leaving off where the last episode ended, our heroes head off the capital city to follow this mysterious puppeteer girl. Their quest leads them back to the forest in search of toads, but they face off against some kobolds instead. Eventually they meet Shifty the Shifter Rogue played by Joel Chiswell.

NOTE: The first half hour is mainly getting Shifty's character made, despite he won't actually participate in the game until much later. Also, fans of Funbucks will be disappointed as he won't be present for this session.

Check out the podcast and the previous sessions at the main site: http://dnduesday.mypodcast.com/index.html

Link to direct download for Episode 3: http://cache.mypodcast.com/cached/dnduesday_20090505_0211-427695-205449-2-25.mp3
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