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Other Worlds Than These: Stark and Arcadia


From The Longest Journey and Dreamfall

Let me tell you of two worlds that exist in harmony.
Stark, the world of logic and science; you could call this our future, and
Arcadia, the world of mystery and magic; a place where anything can happen.
But these two worlds are not all that different, as they both come from a common past. Before the world was split in two they were the same world, but the world had to be split to protect the balance.

You are about to take your first step on the longest journey of your life.

First of all: Stark. This world is very similar to our own, except it is placed in the future, yes Hover cars and laser guns are a common sight to the rich, but the not so rich? Well, they get by. It is Logic and Science taken to the extreme. If it is scientifically possible, it will be in this world somewhere.

But this is what makes this world unique. There is not just one location to judge the world by, the world has many locations, each so very different. It is a whole world, with different countries and different customs. It has its own views on history, with its past all but forgotten.

Now we come to: Arcadia. Some lucky people can shift between Stark and Arcadia, the rest areÖ well stuck in one of them. But I wouldnít mind being stuck in Arcadia and Iíll tell you why; it is an amazing sight to behold. Once again, this isnít merely a randomly strung together list of locations, but a whole world. In your travels, you often hear about goings on in other parts of this world. There is no plain logic or complex science here, that belongs to Stark; instead there is a world of mystery and magic. Something weird happened? Magic. Something awesome and impossible in front of you? Magic. Talking birds and crazy alchemists? Magic.

Arcadia has something that Stark doesnít. Magic beings, different sentient species and aliens. Yes you heard me, aliens in a magic setting. You see, when the world was split in two, the aliens who were visiting got caught up in it and were sent to Arcadia, and without science to make their spaceship work, they were stuck, but they evolved into something unique in itself.

So what makes these worlds to immersive? Could it be how, Stark digs our roots into a nice sci-fi future setting, but then shows a way into a world just as amazing, but with completely different fundamentals? Iím pretty sure thatís a small part of it. Although completely different, you can see them as two sides of the same coin. The characters that inhabit these worlds also come I many shapes and sizes, from wild and wacky to calm and relaxed, they help make the worlds what they are. The characters who explore these world, you see what they see, and it's amazing. If you find yourself wanting to visit another world, than it has done its job. If you can see this other world existing then it has immersed you successfully.

So, we have these two worlds existing, without the other oneís knowledge. But the balance helps keep them that way, dreams can often take you into Arcadia and small bits of science can trickle through to as well (Say a calculator?). Of course, it works both ways, bits of magic seep through into Stark as well.

Of course, Prophecy states that the two worlds will be reunited once again. What will happen when that happens? What will the new world be like? No-one knows, but I know one thing. I will enjoy Stark and Arcadia until that day comes. The amazing world(s) of Science and Magic are definitely a sight to see.
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