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Lost in the land of Hyrule


Last night I was all alone,
A boy asleep in his bed,
Now I find myself entwined,
In something over my head.

Strange creatures assault me at every turn,
The princess to me is calling,
I grasp my sword in sweet defiance,
To keep this world from falling.

Darkness covers all the land,
The people have run and fled,
Thoughts drift back towards home,
But I cannot go back to my warm bed.

Deep into the dark I go,
Fighting that which haunts me,
To save fair maiden one and all,
From nightmares still a plenty.

The living dead and monsters,
Those that corrupt the land,
All have come to fear the light,
The light that shines within my hand.

So I will press on and save this land,
This land of Hyrule broken,
Worry not my fair princess,
For soon you'll be awoken.
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