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Had a blast this weekend at the Baltimore NARP! also, Linux

Thanks for the great time everyone! I don't remember all of your names, but AgentMoo, Cowzilla, Topher, Andy(keener, my main n-word), Blindsidedork,girl from NYDtoid Narp, Shi, the guy who's name starts with an S[edit: Samtt] who's birthday was today, the awesome Mame arcade guy, and of course, Hito for of course letting us bums into his wonderful house playing his awesome video games. I still WOWed at his collection of toys upstairs. Nerdgasm, I know.

So yeah, if you were there, leave a comment! I wanna add you all to my D-Toid list and Xbox Live list. I had a shitload of fun meeting you all, and no, there's no chance I will get better at Power Stone 2. But I will kick Hito's ass at that puzzle game on of these days. Magical Drop, was it? Yeah Hito, better watch out. You got competition son!

On this note I'm out. Sexy Beach 3 FTW, Pterodactyl porn FTL.

what is this I don't even
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