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The Semi-Hot Girls of Gaming [Semi-NSFW]

Sure, sure. I could talk all day about how epic Samus's boobs are, but do you really want to see another post about them? Of course not, it's overplayed! What about the girls who are just one tier below the likes of Samus and Tifa? It's time to pay some overdue respect to the top 5 semi-hot girls of gaming!

5: Deadra (Zeno Clash)

Doesn't she just make you horny? Bwahahaha. Seriously though. Just listen to her voice, dude. It's so soft and precious, it TOTALLY distracts you from her poofy afro thing and, erm, the giant horns sticking out of her head. Plus, she totally rocks the whole "damsel in distress" thing.

4. Alyx Vance (Half-Life 2)

What man doesn't like a girl who gets stuff done? She's a package deal here, resourceful and HOT! Valve are the masters of making femme fatales, both sexy and deadly. Whether she's killing zombies or in the passenger seat of a Jalopy, she does it with style.

3. Aeris (Final Fantasy 7)

Everyone likes innocence in a woman, folks! Aeris is all about compassion and sheer beauty. Too bad she's...nevermind.

2. Misty (Pokemon)

NOTE TO DESTRUCTOID: Do not, I repeat, Do NOT search "Misty Pokemon Hot" on Google Images. Moving on. Misty has had some impact on every kid's childhood. Whether it be a secret love letter or bragging to your friends that "she'd go out with me instead of you", Misty's always had a special place in all of our hearts.

1. Princess Peach (Mario)

Princess Peach has truly stood the test of time as a video game semi-hottie. Why else would people want to see up her skirt in SSBB? She is an icon and an inspiration to all aspiring Video Game Vixens, and she definitely deserves the top spot.
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