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I'm feeling pretty fucking lazy.

I woke up earlier to go to CVS to buy something. I ask the retard manager there if this was something he would recommend but instead I received a half-assed response because he fucking fails at life. He then thought I was probably trying to steal. Whatever, I bought what I needed and went home.

I get in the house, take a warm bath and after I got out, I've been under the covers with my laptop ever since. Reading all the game news and flame wars between idiots about the 360 Elite's RRoD probability, combined with the gentle soothing aura of me being underneath the covers had put me in a 30 something minute sleep. I wake up and realized I still haven't purchased the full versions of Banjo-Tooie and Virtual On yet, but they're downloaded to my 360 as trials. Fuck. I'm also hungry but not THAT hungry. I was contemplating on fixing eggs and toast with jelly but now I'm just like "fuck it", and I think I'll stay under the covers a bit while longer. I'd be fucking pissed if someone woke me up from this dream resort. Decapitations and uncensored chainsaw deaths would just be the beginning.

Oh, and I watched some YouTube vid of Dead Rising on the Wii. Looks horrible and I would be fucking embarrassed to play that piece of shit. That was clearly a pity game, Capcom. Fuck you, the Wii doesn't need your pity.

By the way, anyone download Outrun Arcade? It's a fantastic game. Everytime I play it, it feels like I'm at some sunny beach arcade or some shit. The gameplay is great and the music is 90's fantastic. I love Sega AM2. They make all of my retarded heavily saturated 60 fps dreams come true. AfterBurner Climax on XBLA! I demand it now!

Follow me on Twitter-oh wait I don't have one. I don't think I could stand to push F5 all day like a retard.

9:44- just woke up
9:45-getting out of the bed now
9:45:1-thinking what to type next
9:45:9-phew, barely made the last millisecond

I'll be at the Baltimore NARP this weekend. I'll be wearing a Metroid shirt, because bitches don't know about Samus.

Metroid All Day Son
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