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Bomberman Hat Expose Part Two

...and we're back. Time to choose some yarn. We need black, white, cream, and a pinkish red.

I like to use Red Heart Acrylic for it's color selection, durability, availability and cost effectiveness. Since I can't get a good red heart cream color locally, I'm using Carron Natura. Our first step is a simple white base beanie.

Next I'll crochet the bobble/antenna that bomberman has.

When I've finished with the top, I'll stuff it with fiber fill to stiffen it.

OK, thatís done, letís make the face. It's a simple cream colored rectangle with slightly rounded edges. I'll ring it with a round of black so it has plenty of definition. Then I've made two black strips to represent the eyes. They get sewn down onto the cream rectangle.

Next it's time to assemble the pieces. Just like the paper mock up, we've got to pin the bits on when it's sitting on the model head. If you don't, everything shifts when it's put on and nothing will line up right. And with everything sewn on...

Hmmm. The face looks a might...big. Thatís what I get for paying more attention to Lost while I work. It needs to be redone to keep it proportional. The bobble/antenna looks about right though, so that stays. Hereís the final result:

I always keep the first hat I make of any design. The yarn has likely been crocheted and pulled apart multiple times while I figure out the pattern, and that always leaves the yarn frayed, thin and tight when you go to rework it. Sometimes I end up with imperfections that I wouldn't want on a hat I sold. Regardless, the pattern hat is a good reference if I forget how I made or attached one of the pieces. That and my husband like wearing them around the house.

As it stands, I like the hat. It may need a few adjustments before I'm ready to make one for sale, but It was a relative breeze to make (Ask me about the FFXI Red Mage Duelists Chapeau Relic hat sometime over drinks...defiantly over drinks). I hope you've enjoyed following this expose as much as I have had writing it. I'll try hard to come up with something to top it next time.

Project Stats:

Yarn: Red Heart black, white and light raspberry & Carron Natura Cream.
Tools: 6.5mm crochet hook, pins, model head, scissors, cloth tape measurer, cotton fiber fill, yarn needle.
Total Time for R&D: 14 hours.

Bonus: A simple pallet swap yields Bomberman Black, Green, Red and Blue

Variants: eye changes for smiling, dizzy and angry.
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