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Best Buy's Epic Game Sale Leads to Disappointment


So a buddy and I made the trek to our local Best Buy in the early afternoon, hoping to score some games from their $10 bargain bin sale. We go there to find that the box was half empty and all of the good games were already snatched. Being persistent, we continued rummaging through the bin multiple times hoping something would show up or wait for the good games to �respawn.�

There were plenty of copies of Rock Revolution, The Golden Compass, and The Bourne Conspiracy. Additionally, there were various sports games that neither of us could really give a damn about. Eventually, we conceded but came up with a great idea to gift each other for our birthdays. His was this past Friday, while mine would be coming up this Monday. He grabbed Dead or Alive Xtreme 2 from the regular shelf that was priced at $15 and I decided to get him The Bourne Conspiracy and Supreme Commander for $20. I told him I�d play DOAX2, but wouldn�t be caught dead buying it, lest I be perceived as a pervert.

He then proceeded to Tweet, �Doesn�t mind looking like a pervert while buying DoAX2.� With my response �Glad I�m not a pervert for buying DoAX2.

In the end, we didn�t come out of Best Buy empty-handed, but we did come out broken-hearted.
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