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Those About To Die: The Rokkaku Police Force


I really REALLY like the jet set radio series. It's an accomplishment in great art style, music, gameplay, and just overall vibe. In the end, the game is about one thing : tagging. You skate around and you spray graffiti on the world. What you might not know about the game, however, is that spray paint is also a DEADLY WEAPON. Time and time again you will find yourself pitted against the Rokkaku Police Force with nothing but your paint can. At that time you will need to spray your tags on the backs of the police, ruining their dull gray world so much that they can no longer go on and try to arrest you.

In the first game of the series, Jet Grind Radio, the police were not direct enemies. They were only there to disturb you and slow you down before you ran out of time, a concept thrown away in the sequel. As a result, it was in the players best interest to run away and deal with another area and come back after the police had scattered around. This was mostly due to the fact that if you hit a large tag which required you to do motions, the police could interrupt you. They were truly controller snapping annoying in those times.

As I said previously, in the sequel they were quite different. When they showed up, they barricaded around you and forced you to fight. And that was when you had to truly just take them on head first. The Rokkaku Police are truly worthy enemies because of how ballsy they are. As a teenager on skates riding around they have no problem flinging themselves at you and grabbing on. They continue to march towards you effortlessly even while you boost into them and knock them on their backs. More annoying then the grunts of the force however, were the captains.

Ah yes. Onishima and Hayashi. Both wield magnum pistols (with rubber bullets of course!), both are a bit crazy and dead set on taking you down. They hit harder than the others, and just wont stop attacking you. In Onishimas case, he just wants to get his job done, and is slightly more respectable. Hayashi on the other hand will stop at nothing to get to you, even if it means hurting his own police force! A good example is when he has no problems sending TANKS AND HELICOPTERS at teenagers to NEARLY kill them. Or when he uses these...

A mech and a train! He attacks you with a TRAIN. The guy is clearly a nutjob and truly is an enemy to contend with. In the end everyone of these vehicles are destroyed by gumming up their works with graffiti, OF COURSE. In the end, the police are a constant threat in the jet set radio series, and deserves our respect and spray paint in the face. We salute you, Rokkaku Police Force!
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