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Resident Evil - The (un)Expanded Universe

Resident Evil burst on to the scene just over ten years ago and like the fictional T-Virus that initially zombified the Umbrella mansion-inhabitants, has continued to evolve and prosper. Devouring each new technology as it arrived, Capcom�s classic now features approximately 20 titles over twelve different formats.

The back catalogue of Resident Evil spinoffs and merchandise is also considerable. Three live action movies, an anime, comics, novels, action figures, energy drinks...the list goes on. Factor in all the expanded universe content � from fan fiction to YouTube homages � and you have a truly vast franchise.

(Evolution of Evil 2)

Neek: What has been your most rewarding and the most disappointing experience writing the timeline?
JN: The most rewarding by far is every time I come to write it I discover something new about the story I never knew before. The research tells you things you can never find in the individual games. For example, using the evidence, you can work out that the T-Virus was created on September 19, 1977. Not one document or character tells you this in any of the games. Playing detective like this is very satisfying.

The most disappointing thing is that I�ve learned you can't please everybody. Everyone has their own opinion and no matter how I write it not everyone will agree with my portrayal of events. I�ve not had any nasty emails or anything, just people pointing out that I may have got an entry wrong or an event mixed up. It�s positive criticism like this which helps me improve on each version. 95% of the people are very positive in their feedback and tell me I have helped them understand the whole universe better, which makes the whole thing worth doing in the first place.
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