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10 things I learned this week: I'M BACK! Edition


Yup, I'm back from my Destructoid Hiatus. And that means this is back too! HOORAY!
I bet you are all overwhelmed with happiness....

1. I am really tired of hearing about Persona 3. I've been hearing people spoodging about this game for what seems like a year and it is starting to irritate me. I hear about in the podcasts, I hear about it about 3 times a week in the cblogs, and quite a few times in the forums. I don't understand how this game is still being discussed so much after it was released so long ago. I mean christ, people shut up about Braid a couple weeks after it was released as well as GTA4 and SMBB.

2. Beast Wars has some really bad animation. It also has a really shitty theme song.

3. Jim kills baby seals. Also Juggernaut still uses very old memes.

4. Something big is going down this monday involving tu4ar. Here's hoping it is Marvel vs. Capcom 2!

5. Apparently Unstoppable Juggernaut Rage quit Destructoid. Seriously?! I love you Juggs, but christ come on. In that post you said the reason you left was because this website was going downhill, but leaving isn't going to fix it.

This was what I was planning on writing a blog about before my internet went bye bye. This whole "Oh Jeez, the cblogs suck now so I am going to leave" bullshite that people keep doing. If you want the Cblogs to get better you have to do something about it, not leave. The COMMUNITY BLOGS are driven by the community and if you want it to get better you have to do something to make it better. You can't expect Hamza, Niero, or Raptor Jesus himself to fix it for you. You have to write a good well thought out blog and hope people follow your lead. If people just keep leaving then more and more fail we keep piling up as the people who enlivened the damn Cblogs keep leaving or can't be bothered to write blogs.

Juggs, if you are reading this, come back man. The Cblogs may be a bit shit right now and you may have come into conflict with some people but being a Drama Llama isn't going to help matters.


6. Yojimbo is a dirty, rotten copycat!

7. I have alot of gaming to catch up on. There's the new L4D pack, The Red Faction Demo, and I never got to play alot of those new Gears maps.

8. The Destructoid Editor's need to change their avatars back. Especially Dale North. And seeing Grim's face after all these years frightens me.

9. My Drawing for Storyboarding teacher shares my taste in very obscure movies.

10. Not being connected to the internet for 2 weeks is really painful
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