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My The Beatles: Rock Band


I'm sure that many a Beatles fan has an idea of some of the songs that they want to feature in the 45-song strong Beatles: Rock Band. Here I present my personal list. This isn't necessarily the list I think the game ought to use and I very much doubt it's very close to what they will actually use. It's simply the songs which I'd love it to feature if the game was personally made for my enjoyment.

There are three rules, I've decided.

1) There must be at least one song from each of the main studio albums (going by UK releases)
2) There must be 15 songs from the period 1962 - 1964, 15 from 1965 - 1967, and 15 from 1968 on.
3) The songs must actually be ones written by the Beatles.

1. I Saw Her Standing There
Why: First song on their first album, and a classic rocker at that.

2. Please Please Me
Why: How could I leave out the first number 1 single?

3. All My Loving
Why: Fun to play, fun to sing, it's an all-out fun song.

4. A Hard Day's Night
Why: I want to play that opening chord, and that final arpeggio.

5. If I Fell
Why: If the rumoured harmony support is true, this is the perfect song for that. Bagsy John's part!

6. Can't Buy Me Love
Why: Because... um... it's a good, catchy pop tune. Get off my case!

7. I'll Cry Instead
Why: Classic early Lennon, I'd sing the hell out of this one.

8. Things We Said Today
Why: One of my favourite early-Beatles tunes, and another great candidate for harmony support.

9. You Can't Do That
Why: If I could sing this with backing singers, uh, backing me up, I'd be a happy, happy man.

10. I'll Be Back
Why: Another of my favourites, no particular reason other than I love it.

11. No Reply
Why: When I was a kid and the only one my age who thought the Beatles were cool, I used to play this song all the time, so I'll take it for pure nostalgia.

12. I'm a Loser
Why: Lennon wrote more great songs during this period than he's given credit for. This is one of them.

13. I Don't Want To Spoil The Party
Why: Harmonies, man. Harmonies. I know I'm putting a lot of faith in the harmony rumour, but with good reason!

14. She Loves You
Why: It's just one of those songs that is so representative of that whole Beatlemania period, it's difficult to hear this song and not imagine the screaming girls to go with it.

15. I Feel Fine
Why: Fun instrumental parts are why I really want to see this one. It ought to be very fun to play as a band.

16. Help
Why: Did I mention I really want harmony support?

17. The Night Before
Why: Another tune I feel a great deal of nostalgia for, to me this song marks the point where the band really started tightening their pop skills.

18. Ticket to Ride
Why: I think the stumbling rhythm featured in this song would make for an interesting full-band session.

19. I've Just Seen a Face
Why: Usually I prefer to sing Lennon parts, but in this case I'm all over this Paul song. It also sounds fun to play on guitar.

20. Drive My Car
Why: See above!

21. You Won't See Me
Why: Another pop masterpiece from the middle-Beatles, I've lost count of the number of times I've heard shades of this song in other songs from other bands.

22. Nowhere Man
Why: A very fun bassline and another opportunity for harmonies.

23. Girl
Why: I like the song, but honesty? I just want to see if they chart the weird inward breath noise John makes in the chorus.

24. In My Life
Why: Even though it's not particularly drum heavy, there's one fill that repeats throughout the song and I always remember air drumming to it. Now I want to do it on a Rock Band kit.

25. Taxman
Why: I feel like so far I've underrepresented Harrison, and by this point he was getting really good. Great bass line, great solo, this one has potential.

26. She Said She Said
Why: Dig those changing time signatures.

27. And You Bird Can Sing
Why: Fun to play on guitar, and an all round great, underrated song!

28. Lucy in The Sky With Diamonds
Why: Despite being critically acclaimed, I don't see much on Pepper that'd suit Rock Band really well. This was about the closest I got, given that I'm not especially fond of some of the more guitar based Paul numbers on this album.

29. I am The Walrus
Why: Perhaps it's not the most obvious Rock Band choice but I know I'd love to see it there anyway. And they better write the lyrics as 'GOO GOO GOO JOOB,' or I'll cry.

30. Strawberry Fields Forever
Why: They used editing magic to flip back and forth between two different recordings of this song, one recorded as a straight band song and the other with an orchestra. I'd like to see how they deal with that.

31. Back in The USSR
Why: I believe this song speaks for itself as to why it should be included on Rock Band.

32. While My Guitar Gently Weeps
Why: The lead guitar on this song was actually Eric Clapton, and I want a piece of that action.

33. Happiness Is a Warm Gun
Why: Because this would just be a fun, fun song to play as a full band. And the lovely innuendo.

34. I'm So Tired
Why: Because I think it's an oft-forgotten but excellent song.

35. Why Don't We Do It In The Road?
Why: Honestly I think the chances of this song appearing are virtually nil. But I want to be on those vocals.

36. Sexy Sadie
Why: One of my favourites from the White Album, I'd love Harmonix forever if they chose it.

37. Cry Baby Cry
Why: See above!

38. Come Together
Why: I really want to do that gutteral growl noise John does towards the end of the song. I always thought that sounded cool.

39. Something
Why: Because it's time for Harrison to shine.

40. Oh! Darling
Why: Another Paul song where I want to take the vocals.

41. I Want You
Why: I'd like to see how they handle the abrupt tape cut-off, and also this song sounds fun to play on all instruments. It's one of my all time favourites.

42. Here Comes The Sun
Why: I still don't think Harrison has shone enough.

43. Dig a Pony
Why: Yeaaaah, you can syndicate every boat you row. Whatever that means.

44. I've Got A Feeling
Why: Probably the last great Beatles song that was truly a Lennon/McCartney collaboration.

45. Revolution
Why: Why not? Are you saying this song shouldn't be in? Only an ass would say that.
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