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It's hot in Topeka.

It's really interesting that my first post got picked up and dragged through 25 comments of "you're a troll" and "fuck you" - this place must be a troll smorgasbord. All they have to do is type ten words about chicks on the internet and people with copious amounts of free time feed them delicious profanity and hatred.

Anyway, that's irrelevant. As was the sarcasm of my first blog. Clearly.

I've been attempting to make more time to play - but it's getting really difficult. I've moved my TV to the living room, and my roommate is having a good time with it. Not an avid gamer, she started on Feeding Frenzy, getting frustrated easily and usually playing on lite mode. I had been attempting to get my greedy little hands on Beautiful Katamari since getting the 360, and finally ended up ordering it from ebay. When that came, noobie roommate was entranced. She started playing and didn't stop for days. It's a great gateway game - simple to play but difficult to master for someone who has never held a controller before. And it's entertaining for anyone...she has a mild (read:intense) case of the ADDs so katamari was a feast to her multitasking eyes. I admit, I like it for the same reasons.

Shortly after, I was in the microsoft store and picked up a copy of Fable. I've been meaning to play for years, but never had the means, and before trying out Fable 2 I figured I should give Fable a run. I got about 2 hours of play in, and my roommate watched quietly from her chair. She didn't ask too many questions, nor did she say much - I didn't suggest she try it only because I didn't think an rpg would be up her alley, so to speak.

I was wrong. I came home from work that day to find her sitting on the couch, well into the game. She *loves* it. So much so that she has finished the game 4 times in 2 weeks. I know it's a short game, but this is someone who has never really played videogames before. Someone whose father didn't allow consoles in the house. Someone who comes into my room regularly solely to talk about how she's "not an addict....right?" - to which I always say "of course not" - because I've done the same with other games.

But I'm debating on whether to pick up Fable 2 or not. Firstly, I don't know how to move the TV back into my room with the 360 - I feel like she's having fun and I want her to keep having fun - but she needs to job search as well. I know she's a big girl and can take care of herself, but I also know how I get when my friends enable me in my procrastination. Maybe moving the TV won't make a difference - she might spend the days while Im at work in here, for all I know, playing. Which she is welcome to do, since she's one of my closest friends. But...I can't help feeling sort of...guilty. If I buy Fable 2 will she procrastinate more in job searching or working ? I haven't touched the 360 in months. And yes, if I really wanted to, I'd boot her off and play. But honestly? Gaming is my "alone time" - I like to do it when I'm solo and need to regenerate. So having it in the living room makes me not interested in playing *anyway*...

I guess I should just move the bloody thing. I'll need to clean my room before I do - it's disgusting in here. And then pack the tv up...I'm paranoid of breaking it on the way up the stairs.

Oh well. Go Canucks - you're my last hope - I wish the Sens were in, but you'll do this time around.

Not exactly a game review, but that'll come later. When I'm actually playing Fable. I suppose I could get her to do it! hah.

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