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Left 4 Dead Weirdness: When Textures Go Wrong


So my left 4 dead disc is slightly scratched. Its my brothers fault, his xbox was the one who scratched it in the first place. So what part of the disc got scratched? The levels? The sound? The humans? Oh no, it was the zombies. Their textures, specifically. As a result, my game takes an assload of time to load maps. So what exactly happens to the zombies? Look below to find the answer.

What happens is this. An occurence I've come to know as "TV Static zombies". In my version of left 4 dead, I imagine that the zombie out break started when a huge electrical explosion caused nearby people to be infected with radio waves, and somehow their skin and clothing turn up like this. Ridiculous, but its the world I am forced to play in.

This doesnt happen all the time however. As you can see here, sometimes the occasional texture will make its way through, which is even funnier because the rest of the body didn't. You might think think this would give me an unfair advantage, but i can see them no better because of their textures. It doesnt make them brighter in dark places, so I get surprised by them all the same as you might. They just look funny.

And I'm not sure I would have it any other way. My game is special now. I have a completely different experience than anyone else. Oh and that weird texture on the picture above? I'm not really sure. I was getting attacked when that happen so that could be my zombie arm flailing around (yes it happens when I play as infected in versus), or it could be static blood coming from that zombie. Either way, Pretty badass.
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