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Runner, My Interpretation on Destructoid's First Game

It's kind of funny if you think about it, Destructoid, the hardcore gamer's community gets it's first game, an art game. Maybe it's just me, but I think some people might have been expecting something a little more, hardcore so to speak, but when you think about it, art games are the most hardcore of them all. Now some people are reading this and are thinking, "Wow what a load of shit.", but no I will not stand for it! Art games are the most hardcore for a few reasons; first off, only people in the gaming community hear about them, you can rest assured that no one will be getting smashed and playing this at parties like Rock Band is, secondly, they ask for you to go beyond your controls and use your other controller, your brain, and my final point is simple, we need them to be accepted as an art form like movies and music..... simple enough.

Okay, enough boring you with my random thoughts on art games and such, let's move on to the main event, my interpretation of the game itself.

I will hold an explanation of the game because if you are reading this chances are you know what it is and if not go here, check it out, and then come back to read this.

It should go without saying but.......

Okay here we go.
Runner opens with a young man running and three transparent girls chasing behind him. These girls all seem to represent a different part of his past, so to speak, and that is what our protagonist is trying to escape. Here is where the doors and barricades come in, all of them as a whole represent challenges in your life. Now it may seem easy on paper just to forget everything in your past and move forward for the better, but here we see our human portion that keeps us from this, memories. The girls each are represented by the memories you had with them at first, each "memory bubble" blocking your vision, keeping you from your goal. At this part of the game the only way to lose is to caught by one of the girls, but upon being caught you struggle to get away, not just to pursue your dreams and move forward with life, but regretting what could have been with the other two girls.

We now move on to what I like to call the turning point in the game, the typewriter. The typewriter, to me, represents a turning point in your life or maturing, so to speak. Once in hand you fly above the obstructions and girls, seemingly safe from the world and achieving your nirvana, but all is not well in paradise. This new found freedom comes at a price, you can't stop writing of what could have been. Isn't that what stops us all, torn between dreams and security.

The question you are left with after your short lived typewriter high is, should I even keep trying, suddenly, a beautiful blonde woman enters and you are left with a choice, approach or don't. You can let her pass and the game will come to an abrupt stop, why you ask, well, you missed your chance, that's how life is sometimes. What I found interesting is that I let her pass, ending my game the first time because I thought she was like the other, she was an "enemy" to my cause. Well I was wrong and my next time I found she was my lover, and the power of our love could break any barrier, except it was slowly dying, our heats losing strength with each kiss. Like any relationship, you can try to make it work, but there are just somethings you can't get past with nothing left, and that is your down fall, depending on the love to always be there. She will get sick of hitting these barriers for you and leave after a few too many, but she will return, with the memories of the other girls by her side. Her memories cloud your vision also, then the game ends,abrupt, but fitting.

The game itself is a metaphor for life, and the choices that you make. Like many of the comments I saw in the original post of the game people thought it would go on forever, but, that's just losing hope, throwing in the towel and heading back to one of your safer memories. What I really took from it is how life is so unknown, we don't know if our dream will be what we love forever, or just something we keep as a memory locked away.

Thank you for reading my interpretation, I would also like to give a special thank you to Anthony Burch ,Jonathan Holmes and Ashley Davis for making something that really made me think, keep up the good work.
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