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Vindication! Valkyria Chronicles Returns to Sales Charts!


Just as keikaku. "Keikaku" means "plan", durr hurr.

We did it, guys!

Fellow Dtoider Black Nexus (aka Nexus14) alerted me to this via PSN message, but Valkyria Chronicles has popped back as a top seller this week in American and Japanese sales, according to Gamasutra. No doubt this was due to my and others' unflagging promotion of the game as the best thing since thumbs*.

Sales push!

Keep in mind, Gamasutra's weekly "Saling the World" feature is a rundown of sales figures just from Amazon, with no consideration of retail and/or used sales, so the plucky soldiers of Squad 7 may well have sold even more outside of the monitored channels!

Of course, Valkyria Chronicles' recent induction into Japan's Playstation "The Best" line and recent price drops on Amazon.com (39.79 BRAND NEW GET TO IT JERKS) had a hand in it as well, but it's much more satisfying to believe that it was all us.

Unfortunately, all is not well on the British front, as our baby is nowhere to be seen on the top-five chart. Only mad dogs and Englishmen fail to go out and buy a great game, it seems. LittleBigPlanet and Killzone 2 are at #1 and #5, respectively so it's not a total loss for the folks spreading the love out of platform loyalty.

Have with some delicious flat che- I mean cake!

Celebrate, friends! I hope we can put this kind of promotional weight behind Muramasa, the next worthy Atlus game, and the rumored release of Sakura Taisen V!

*Good God, I just realized that including this one I've made eight posts solely devoted to promoting this goddamn game.
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