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Sort of Apology and date of the challenge

I was going to Hold off on the apology for alittle longer but Too many innocent are caught in the Cross fire.
To those innocent people whom I may have insulted for no reason. I apologize.

Now as for the Haters........

Shit's on now.

I require 2 days to get rid of any rust I have in Soul Calibur IV and SF IV. Friday at 9 will be the showdown.

Anyone who just wanted to Spar (Char and Usedtabe) can face me anytime while I train.

Now Here are the 4 Games you can challenge me in

Soul Calibur IV
Street Fighter IV
Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix
Guilty Gear XX #reload

Best 3 out of 5

To totally get rid of me all challengers must utterly destory me. If I win I stay it has to be a total sweep. If you beat me more than I beat you then I'll stay off the site for a month or more depending on how many times I'm defeated.
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