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You want me gone FINE But you have to earn it

I'm sick of you all you retard calling my blog fail becuase you all hate your selves and are one break up away from suicide.

So you use me and my genius to jusify your own shitty lives.
Well if you want me gone so bad then you have to earn it.
This is a gaming site right Here's my challenge.

its simple

Beat me in Street Fighter IV or Soul Calibur IV and I'll never post here again.
If I win I keep posting whatever I want when ever I want and you just sit there and take it.

The Gauntlets been thrown bitches. Are you going to accept?

or are you just going to cower in your parents basements for the rest of your sad pathetic lives?

(This isn't directed at everyone mind you just the few bad apples spamming me with unwarranted criticism)
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