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Bomberman Hat Expose Part 1

Once upon a time in the 1980's I fell in love with the episodes of Mr. Rogers Neighborhood and Reading Rainbow where the host would do an expose on how something was made or done; textiles, books, street signs, diners, you name it. So in that spirit I'm going to guide you through how to make a crocheted game themed hat (for cloth/fleece you need to beg knowledge from Rio McCarthy; I don't deal with it). I've been eyeballing the Bomberman Live advertising banners on the site and he looks like a relatively easy creation so lets give it a try.

Step 1: Concept.
Themed hat vs. cosplay style hat? Some characters like Megaman, Black Mage and Mario just lend themselves to making hats that look just like what they wear. Bomberman, not so much. Lets try a themed hat that looks like his head.

Step 2: Research
Bomberman has had a few subtle design changes in the twenty six years he's been around. We need to pick which one we want to use.

Looking sharp. I think this will work. Next time I'll go over making the parts and assembling them. Will it all work out? Will it look like crap? Stay tuned.
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