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I Made a Dance RnB Jam about ICO...


It's called �Follow Me�. Don't know exactly how I decided to do it but it came out of me anyway. I'm uploading it for you guys to hear first since I figure you'd appreciate the references more. You can check it out oveeeeeeerrrrrrrr......HERE.

Here are the lyrics:

"I haven't been here too long
but I can see you need someone who's a little but strong
and maybe find his way around a thing or two
take you places that you never knew

See I could be the one you need
just take my hand and follow me
Even though I don't understand a word you say
I'll make sure the darkness never takes you away

Is there some other place you want to be?
'cause there's nothing right here for us to see

Come on and follow me

You know
I can lead us through the questions
walk your way in my direction
Lets move all these shadows out the way

The way you glow
What do you know
Just let me show
The way to go

It doesn't
matter what your momma wants
it's not her time to live forever
you don't want this chance to slip away

Come on and follow me

Maybe you were here for me all along
Together we can find a place where we belong
I can take you from this static life that's fossilized
Find ourselves washed up on the shore with brand new eyes

I don't know your name but
I can see the woman that you became

Come on and follow me

Just lay
your hand
down in
to mine

just trust
in me
and you'll
be fine"

Over on my MYSPACE, I just uploaded another new song called �It's Just a Matter of Time� which is technically about Achievement whores but..uh..you can come to your own conclusions. Hope you like them!
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