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Refused Classification Podcast - Epidode 2 Records tonight.


This is serious, Mum.

TISM rock my fucking balls, and they should rock yours too.

Well it looks like some of you folks enjoyed the shambles of a podcast that we put together the other week, with that in mind we figured we'd try our luck and fire off Episode 2.
Tonight we'll be drinking and talking about meat pies, football, sheilas, dingoes, victa mowers, Poita, VB and utes.

Also if we feel like talking about games we shall talk about getting handed giant wads of cash by the government, shouting out to a few aussie game developers you didn't know about, garbling some easter related chatter, answering listener questions that question our sexuality and surprising everyone with the fact that we are actually Australian.

So, feel free to hit us up with some questions and abuse Mr Dillinger, because we all love shit like that.

Your hosts for this evening shall be;
Puppy Licks
Mr Dillinger

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