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Behind the Joystick: Princess Peach

"Once she found out they were fakes.....she was never the same again"- Toad

Before I get started watch this episode of Super Mario 3 from the old NBC show. (Sadly they had the change the song)

However all this effort was in Vain...when in November of 1990 THIS Happend

After this Peach sunk into a deep depression. She pulled her self together just in time for Super Mario World and Mario Kart but Peach was just unable to come to grips with her favorite group being phoneys. Mario just didn't understand any of this stupid music after all All Mario and Luigi listen to are Louis Prima, Dean Martin and Frank Sanatra. Peach was lost. After being given a copy of "Seasons In The Abyss" By her good Friend Princess Zelda. Peach was intrigued. It was raw, dark and Grinding and reflective of the many conflicts in the mushroom kingdom. Peach had discovered METAL. Soon she and Zelda found them selves seeing all the monsters of Satanic Rock, Slayer, Pantera, Metallica (Peach can be seen flashing the Crowd in the LA Concert on Metallica's Live shit) Soon Peach and Zelda were seeped into a world of Sex Drugs and PURE GRINDING METAL

With this new life Peach and Zelda were now fully in touch with their wildside. These photos were taken apprently while they were following Metallica on Tour in the late 1990s

Photo 1 NSFW
Photo 2 Photo 3 NSFW
Photo 4 NSFW
Photo 5 NSFW

It was these steamy photos let to affiars with Kirk Hammet, Jason Newstead (It's been rumored she yokoed Jason out of Metallica) SHe is also widely beleved to have broken up Pantara after being caught sleeping with Phil Anselmo just hours after bumping uglies with Dimebag Darell.

Several miles, tours concerts and aborted Pregnancies later colleagues at Nintendo started to notice a change in Peach's demeaner during the Smash Brother's Tournaments Peach was found to be overly Agressive and almost Killed Samus and Jigglypuff. However nothing was done.

Peach continues her destructive ways until December of 2004. When she got a phone call that made her reevaluate her head banging (in more ways than one) ways. "Dimebag WAS SHOT" The voice on the other end screamed. Once again Peach was depressed. Realizing she too may some day wind up dead either of an OD or at the hands of a crazy fan or even an STD. Peach entered rehab (the Bumbling plumbers that work for her however refused to Join her in Rehab and still to this day struggle with Shroom Addiction) while in Rehab Peach took up Baseball and tennis. Found her love of Kart racing again and generally Cleaned up. Her Love of Metal did not die Today when not tied up She works as a Tour manager for System of a Down, Disturbed and Slipknot.
s She still poses for softcore pictures But she has been drug and promiscuity free since 2005. She even got her own game.

While A fraudulent German Pop Group's poserness and wild rock and Roll style almost killed the Mushroom kingdom's Princess it was in fact Metal that saved her.

ROCK on peach ROCK ON
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