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Sample Writing: White Shadow on the Wall

the following is just a sample of prose writing I did about 4 years ago. Just wanted to share it. Just me doing an experiment in weird lyrical, pseudo biblical writing.

White Shadow on the Wall
Phillip Bastien

For long in the days of the new did instinct fall out of favour with man. He had replaced and subverted it with technology and dominance. And for a while it was good. For in the world where man is the dominant and no other organism can compete with the vast and incalculable depth of man�s mind, there was no need for the driving physical urges to survive that so many other creatures had. And thus they, those instincts which kept us safe in the glorious dark days of our primitive and uncultured past, went away.

And man grew weak, replacing the strength of their blows with the rattle of their guns and swing of their sword with the fell swoop of a bomb. Soon the strength of man became a wave of fury and violence that even god himself would cower at. But man was better than that, man was pure in its own eyes.

And yet they were blind. Those baser instincts, those urges that kept him safe before the concept of groups or home had settled in, never truly died away. Like worms, they only dug deeper and deeper until they, though the purity of their origins, were seduced and corrupted by man�s civility, becoming its dark side. Instinct became sin. Survival instinct and its desire to live and live better than others became envy. Fight or flight became wrath. Propagation of the species with the most prime member became lust. The urge to become desirable to the other sex became pride. The desire to become alpha to others changed to encompass wealth into its fold and became greed. And so it went that each blessed instinct did die and was reborn as adark spot on humanity. And yet man could not see that sin was the twisted and hungry remnants of his animal fathers' instinct. They hungered for release and due to the restraints of man�s �civilized society;� came out in the worst possible ways; Murder, violence, thievery, plastic surgery, rape, laziness, addiction, obesity, reality television, and covetous behaviour.

But the strongest sin of all was wrath. For all the civilization man shoved down their collective gullet, they could not subdue their inherent hatred and violence. It caused them to separate into groups. Then those groups claimed superiority over other groups, which led to nations, which led to nationalism, which led to wars, which led to slavery, which led to empires, which led to commerce, which led to revolt, which led to promises of redemption, which only led back to the formation of groups which began the cycle of violence and rage once again. And thus was the story of man, growing more powerful and angrier and more violent with every cycle until one day man let loose a scream, a collective gathering of all the rage and murderous intent of its species and let it just fall to the earth. And all was consumed in fire.

The dominant creatures that would follow in the footsteps of man never could truly understand the depth of buried rage and anger that eventually consumed its predecessor. In fact they knew almost nothing of their predecessor at all. Almost nothing of their former glory was left. They had erased themselves, figuratively and literally. They did not even know what they looked like, for all they had to go on were white shadows against a burned and blackened wall.

please note that this is a section of a much longer piece of writing, of which it serves as a prologue
what do you think?
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