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If you are going to PAX 09 please read this. Details about a possible Destructoid the movie inside.


PAX. Just the letters conjure up memories and anticipation in all of us. PAX is one of the best parts of Destructoid when we all come together in one place to have the time of our lives. I think most of us has seen a video or two of PAX 08 and thought what a small facet of PAX do those videos truly capture. Where was everyone else while Necros was being set aflame? For most PAX happens over three days and is a non-stop experience. PAX 09 will be the last like it after this year it will be split into two different events on the West and East coast. This could be one of the last times we all come together in one place. I thought it would be important to chronicle this important moment in destructoid history. I thought of way that we can do just that. We are going to make a documentary style movie during PAX. A select few editors and community members will be given the opportunity to camcord their respective journeys from their house to Seattle and most importantly all the crazy stuff that happens during PAX. I�m not sure how many people will get to film themselves but I do want those who do to be able to show the world PAX from the perspective of a Dtoider.

This film will have a three fold purpose. First, to chronicle the last big PAX; Second, to show why the community is the best in the whole world and finally, I don�t know if this will happen but I want people to be able to point to this film as something that attempts to show why Dtoid is so great. I want someone to ask, �What makes Dtoid so great?� And someone point to this film. This isn�t just my inane rambling, Hamza is already behind it and wants it to happen but we need you to tell us that you want it to happen as well. The requirements to be a filmer are that you�re going to PAX 09.

We are not sure if this is a requirement yet but it would be preferable if you have an HD camera. Dtoid uses HD nowadays and it would go a lot smoother if the people doing it had one.

So what do you think? Think you have what it takes? Do you think this a good idea? Please leave a comment of what you think because once again we have to judge if people want this to happen. Also leave a comment if you would consider being one the filmers. Don�t worry about the HD thing yet, just mention it if you happen to have one.
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