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Hands on Oboro Muramasa

Oboro Muramasa (AKA "Muramasa the Demon Blade" for US) is finally at my hands, so playing it first, I can give people an impression and what the overall game plays like.

Basic Gameplay details from me
The game starts off with Musou or Shura mode (I head there's one extra mode with 1 HP in battle from Japanese forums), which is pretty much Normal or Hard mode, then follow with the choice of either picking your character either Kisuke (Boy) or Momohime (Girl).

(Selecting Diffculty)

As soon as you finish picking the character, it immediality puts your character into a battle tutorial, with no prolonge until you finish the map. The battle system works like Odin sphere only without slow downs, no pow gauge and a reliable guard command. In this game it plays a lot easier by relying on guard , and attacking senseless works much better then it did back on Odin sphere.

Anyways your character carries 3 weapons at a time, because your weapon breaks as you guard or when you perform ougi attacks from the sword. As your weapons breaks you can instantly switch the other 2 weapons that you are carrying, While the broken weapon will be repair by time or when you collect souls from defeating enemies.

The game also feature extremely large bosses that usually take out about 50% to 100% of the screen, and are really fun to fight , with good patterns and challenge.

When you get further into the game it will give you the option to forge weapons, which works like a Rouge Galaxy weapon or FFX sphere grid kind of thing. Weapons are forged by having Life and Soul collected. Soul is collected on the field and by defeating enemies, and Life can be gain by eating foods at resturants.

Impression so far
So far I am having a blast with the game, I could say I enjoy it much more then I did playing Odin Sphere. Slow down are now non-existant making the game much more enjoyable. The battles are also extremely fast paced , and your character can die within a few hits if you're not careful (But that's what the guard command is for). Although I wouldn't call it quite perfect yet, my main complain so far is that Kisuke and Momohime plays almost exactly identical besides a few status differences (kind of like SF2 Ryu and Ken differences). Shura mode is also not as hard as Odin Sphere's Hard mode, so far I have rarely die on random encounters the game is almost a breeze with the Guard command, other then that the game seems perfect a 2d action rpg game for the wii. Once this game is out on America, I highly recommend you to pick up a copy if you enjoy titles from Vanillaware such as Odin Sphere, Princess Crown , Etc...
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