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Hands on Oboro Muramasa

Oboro Muramasa (AKA "Muramasa the Demon Blade" for US) is finally at my hands, so playing it first, I can give people an impression and what the overall game plays like.

Impression so far
So far I am having a blast with the game, I could say I enjoy it much more then I did playing Odin Sphere. Slow down are now non-existant making the game much more enjoyable. The battles are also extremely fast paced , and your character can die within a few hits if you're not careful (But that's what the guard command is for). Although I wouldn't call it quite perfect yet, my main complain so far is that Kisuke and Momohime plays almost exactly identical besides a few status differences (kind of like SF2 Ryu and Ken differences). Shura mode is also not as hard as Odin Sphere's Hard mode, so far I have rarely die on random encounters the game is almost a breeze with the Guard command, other then that the game seems perfect a 2d action rpg game for the wii. Once this game is out on America, I highly recommend you to pick up a copy if you enjoy titles from Vanillaware such as Odin Sphere, Princess Crown , Etc...
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