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Opinion: Are video games art?

Well I've finally made a Destructoid account. For my first couple of blogs I just though I'd get my opinions out of the way. We all know this argument and I usually don't like to talk about this one. But I figured I should get it out of the way in case if anyone's curious.

Basically, video games are no more art as movies or music is art. What I don't like about this question is the fact that the word "art" doesn't mean anything. When someone says "it was a work of art". What does that mean? did he just like it? Does he think it's pretty? Does he actually have a trained artistic eye? What does he see as art? I think if he said "It has great artistic merits." or better, "It has an artistically creative style." I know these are still fairly ambiguous, but if it's worded this way. We can assume that there was some inspiration or technique involved. Saying video games, in general, are art is like saying all music, including pop music, is art. Would you consider Hanna Montana art?

There are plenty of video games that are artistically creative and have legitimate artistic merit. But I wouldn't consider Rainbow Six art (I still love it though), just like I wouldn't say most Summer blockbusters or, as mentioned above, pop music are art, but are still good. And it can go the other way around. There are plenty of those pretentious, self-indulgent "art-house" games/movies/etc. that are considered art, but just because it's art doesn't mean it's good.

Well I think I've gone into this enough, I'll post something more interesting next time. Till then, have fun.
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