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Xi: Home's Evolution

Upon Home's open beta release, most people started wondering just why they had been
so excited about Home. There was nothing to do (unless you really loved bowling and
cheaply thrown together arcade games), took forever to load anything, and making your
person took forever if you wanted it to look anything like you. I was invited to the closed
beta before a while before it opened up for everyone to join, and after signing in and
looking around the first time, I didn't go back until the open beta was out and friends
were pumped about finally signing in to it. After that, I completely ignored it... until I
read about Xi.

a screen shot of "The Hub" itself... the center of action for Xi's ARG

Maybe it won't be that big. Maybe the ARG thing is just a prep for it's full launch and
will be forgotten afterwards. But all I know, is that since Xi started, I've been in Home
every time the PS3 has been on. I actually spent a dollar on a new shirt and some better
looking shoes (something I originally scoffed at even possibly doing). I really want to
buy the Street Fighter 4 costume for Blanka. And the arcade games have gotten a little
better... heck, I signed in just to play the Maximum Tilt game again to see if a better score
got me anything.

I write all of this to say: Sony, the ARG is a brilliant use of Home (and I hope you have
more stuff like this planned). You could turn this into an example of how developers
and publishers can market games to the community (ARG stuff to prep a games
release would be completely badass). It would give games a reason to give the PS3
something special that the other systems can't offer. In short, it could put you in a prime
position to gain some ground on the more successful systems of this generation and
maybe turn some profit (and then you can drop the PS3's freakin price to something a
bit more manageable for us cheap/poor gamers).

And people reading this: if you have a PS3 and haven't started the Xi puzzles yet,
sign the hell in and do it. It's fun, it makes you think (unless you cheat), and for all we
know it could pay off in some way at the end. Or it least it will if Sony is on top of things.

Clarification: as the "game" goes on, day by day, new stuff is added, revealed, etc. So,
if you haven't logged in since it started, you might be surprised at what's been happening
since then. And if you don't log in for a while, you'll have new stuff to catch up on later..
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