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Comics You Need To Read: The Walking Dead


We obviously love games, but there are times we need a break, from the eyestrain and thumb blisters. Here's something everyone should check out, especially fans of survival horror/Left 4 Dead/RE. Be warned, people, this is a VERY MATURE book, but is also something anyone, within reason, can easily read and enjoy.

The Walking Dead is a superb ongoing zombie comic, written by Robert Kirkman, art by Tony Moore, then later on Charlie Adlard.

Set in the U.S, it all begins when the zombie apocalypse mysteriously happens, thrusting the world as we know it, into the meat grinder. What remains, are seas of walking dead, chaos and small pockets of uninfected survivors, scattered all over the place, trying to survive. No one knows the reasons of why this happened and every moment is a fight, to not get bit, find fuel, water and food, and outrun the shuffling hordes.

The story revolves around its main character, Rick, a cop who wakes up in hospital, after an incident during his shift, put him in a coma. In a very RE style way, by the silence and lack of medical staff attending, he soon discovers, things are not right and the adventure begins. Yep, there's no more room in hell, so the dead walk the earth. With zombies eating anything alive and no law and order in control, Rick seeks to track down those dear to him at all costs, namely his beloved wife Lori and son Carl, and hopefully find out why the world has hit the fan, along the way. What follows, is one hell of a rollercoaster ride, you will not want to put down. Its an epic tale of love, betrayal, tragedy, kick ass action, a chomping zombies aplenty.

As a story, its interesting to see how this plays out, as its really a story about people (with their pros, cons and baggage) trying to survive, in a weird situation. For all the years of watching zombie movies, I'm sure we've all dreamed of what we'd do in this kind of extreme situation. Strangely, not even a tv series has attempted to try this kind of apocalypse on screen, but that's only to the benefit of comics to do this. I'll not spoil it for you, beyond the above, because I think The Walking Dead is really something you have to experience for yourself. It also significant, in a comics industry overrun with too many super heroes and villians, that IMO, truly hold the comic medium back from what it really could be, something greater than its parts and something everyone can enjoy, not just the seasoned, comic shop loitering crowd. I guess the gears of positive are moving and that's a good thing.

The Walking Dead Compendium is now available to buy, which covers issues 1-58, into a spanking 1,088 pages. This is available in a limited run, (heaven knows why, but its obviously a silly comic reason). If you can't get this and hate fiddling with single comic issues, eight previous collected trade paperback volumes of The Walking Dead are also available. I highly recommend you Dtoiders check this series out, no matter your gaming/movie or book taste or whatever. Buy, tell your friends and lend it to them etc. Check amazon etc for prices.

Overall, its obvious I'll rate this highly, but to be honest, it deserves its accolades. The story is addictive, with characters of varying degrees, but overall brilliant and yet they're all expendable at the story's mercy. The art, while its changed hands and is in black and white, doesn't derail carrying the story, characters etc. And the icing on the cake, is that this is an ongoing series. More zombies, than you can shake a rotting limb at, await us.

Indeed, a superb, fun and clever series. Definite comic boner gold. Lucky for you people, you can now check out the first issue of The Walking Dead for free at the following link. Enjoy.

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