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The Hardest Choice Of 2009

It was morning, yet the sun hadn't risen. Instead, a cool, cloudy blanket wrapped around
the earth ever so gently, letting some light through, but no warmth. A cool brisk air
whisked about me as I opened the door and stepped out, and double checked the lock.
There weren't many people around, but there was still a slow panic building up within
me. Should I do it or not? Could I afford to? Then again, could I afford not to?

I quietly hoped that it wouldn't be an option. Maybe it would be gone, picked over, eaten
by the undead, something... anything. But I decided that, since I'd made the drive, if it was
there, it was mine. If it wasn't, I would go no where else. I would just wait until later. We
only live once. Why not push life to it's limits and test fate while we can still afford to.

I looked up, and realized I was almost there. I couldn't remember walking through the doors,
seeing others around me, or any of the details of this recent journey, but maybe that was
the best. Sunday mornings don't look very fitting on most people. It wasn't there. I browsed
some more, seeing no signs of it's existence and sighed a deep, freeing breath; part relief
and part disappointment. But when I turned, to my astonishment...

...there it was. My head dropped as I walked towards it, not knowing what to do. My
earlier decision was to do it if it was here, so I would stand by that. If we cannot trust
ourselves, how can we dare trust others. But now a bigger, infinitely more important choice
stood before me.

Blue or Black!?

Daboodee daboo-freakin-daa...
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