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Refused Classification Podcast (for Aussie Dtoiders) Episode 01: Who says Gday anymore?


Everybody in Australia rides kangaroos and talks like this. Everybody.

Another day, anonther podcast to clog up your Ipod.
That's right, it's motherfucking podcast time, and what better way to celebrate podcast time than with an unhealthy heaping of our brand new podcast, Refused Classification. The Unofficial Dtoid Podcast for Aussie Dtoiders.

Listen in as myself, Mr Dillinger and DanMazkin bleat scotch-fuelled ramblings about videogames, censorship, and what it means to be an Aussie gamer.

Now keep in mind this is our first time, so we'll probably mess up the sheets and the audio quality might be a little off in places, but we'll try to keep that to a minimum.

Shit we talk about:
-Did we mention we're Australian yet?
-Street Fighter Fo'
-Shit gets banned
-Shit gets censored
-Michael Atkinson ain't Jack Johnson
-Sex in games
-Xbox Live doesn't care about Australian people
-The RC Spotlight: Fuck ninja dogs
-Mr Dillinger loves Michael Atkinson

Intro Music: Bionic Commando: Rearmed OST - Power Plant
Outro Music: Twelve Foot Ninja - Profile #1

Download the podcast HERE (39.6MB)

NOTE: Our podcast service (for now) is with MyPodcast.com and we only JUST found out that the pricks stick ads in the middle of the podcast automatically. Just ignore them and hopefully by our next episode we'll have swapped to a better host. We apologise the the inconvinience and return you to your usual programming. BING BONG!
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