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Video Game Weapons the World isn't ready for - Part Two

Welcome to part two of our feature on video game weapons that the world is just simply not ready for. If you havenít had the chance to read part one you can check it out here. In this part we will continue to explore the wonderful world of weapons that sound amazing in digital form; but if brought into the real world, would be catastrophic.

Iím also happy to announce that at the conclusion of this feature we have included several recommendations of various reader responses to part one. These choices were overwhelming favorites that could not go unrecognized. So without further hesitation, let the destruction continue:

Weapon: Cerebral Bore
Game: Turok 2: Seeds of Evil
Why the World isn't ready: While not necessarily a weapon of mass destruction, the world really isnít ready to face the ridiculously violent and brutal nature that the Cerebral Bore brings along with it. It is one thing to watch a homing drill bury itself in a pixilated enemy and splatter brain matter everywhere, but it is a totally different thing to actually get some of that brain matter on your clothes. We really just canít have that. Once the underground gets a hold of this puppy, random acts of cerebral chunking and other blatant, though creative, misuses will definitely ensue. On a lighter note, Iím all for seeing the Cerebral Bore in the movies though.

That about wraps things up. In the end, we should be glad these and other video game weapons are in game only. We need to experience the creative directions our brains take us, but without the consequences. Hopefully someday virtual reality will take us to a place where we can live our digital destruction fantasies out in greater realism, in the mean time, lets enjoy what we have.

If anyone has additional choices you think should have made the feature, please let me know! I would have no objection opening the debate back up for revisiting. After all, envisioning their real world counterparts is where the fun is at!

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