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Demoman Plush Toy

Yesterday was my first month anniversary of my wedding. And for that my wife (D3s1r3) had been working a special project:
TF2's Demoman plush toy

yeah i had been helping a little with grenades, trade mark smiley face under the jacket, jacket design and conceptual drawings etc. But all the main work of stitching, sewing, cutting and stuffing was done by solely Desire. :*

I have the complete production photos from the era of simple cloth to cut pieces to sewing stages to stage of ornament placement. The whole project took around 10 days with ~ 1 hour per day. Damn I am so in love with this Demoman and my wife ofcourse for making this for me. This is the best gift of my life.Watch more production photos and final photos over at my PICASA Web Albums
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