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I need D'toid's help! For Reals...


Sad Panda indeed.

Its my birthday on Monday and my girlfriend, bless her heart, had pre-ordered Guitar Hero Metallica (360 version...Region Free ftw!) as my birthday present aeons ago. Now it turns out not only will it not arrive by Monday, it probably wont even be shipped by then. She, like i, was devastated. I had a great get-together of fellow metalheads to rock the night away planned, but alas it appears it's not ment to be.

That's when i figured you guys may be able to help me...

Basically seeing as i am living in Ireland, i cant get my hands on the game until May anyway but id be prepared to pay anyone who'd be willing to help me out and purchase/send me a copy of it asap. I've already looked into the usual spots, Play-Asia etc... and they have all told ill be waiting at least 5 days before it shipped, even with courier delivery. (Which i am more than willing to pay)

So ill leave it with you guys, again i don't expect anything from you guys but i figured your quite a resourceful bunch and overall a great cadre of people so hopefully someone would be willing to put some time aside and get the game sent to me.

I don't want to say money isn't an option but id be prepared to pay anything to have this for Monday, or sooner, if FedEx/UPS etc... can make that possible?!?! 24-48hrs would be amazing...Money talks, right?

If you have any advice/tips that may help me in my situation then please let me know...Oh and Trolls, that doesn't incl you but thanks for caring.
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