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Way to revive mom that dies in Lost Odyssey discovered!(spoilers)

Anyone who has played Lost Odyssey for the Xbox 360 knows about the most emotional scene in the whole game. This powerful scene depicts one of the characters named Lirium losing her life. Gamers have sobbed for hours on end after this scene wishing that since the world of Lost Odyssey has items to bring characters back to the dead that you could somehow resurrect Lirium. Well it has just been discovered that you can indeed can resurrect Lirium you just have to play a certain way and go a little bit out of the way.

First things first, you need to have 100 items that heal you, potions or revival items are included. You must not have 100 of one item it must be a ratio like 1 and 99 or 69 and 31. Once you insert disc 2 the code doesn�t need anymore input until you get to disc 4. Here�s where it gets a little complicated. Before you fight the final battle in that tower you need to put in the rest of the code. First you need all of the dreams (excluding DLC) and your characters should not be above Level 61. Now go to the item shop in Numara and talk to the shop keeper 567 times. I recommend turning the channel to something interesting while leaving the game on and just pressing the buttons over and over. Remember to keep count though, once this is done he will finally say on the 567th time �God Damn it why the hell do you keep talking to me. Jesus Christ, you been here for like two hours doing the same thing over and over! Get the hell out of my store you psycho!� He will point to a newly open door in the back that you can now go into.

Upon entering this room it will be a completely white room with nothing but the door you came in and a save point. Here�s where it gets a little complicated. Use the Save point and go back to the Xbox 360 main menu. If you have an Ipod (don�t worry if you don�t) plug it into the 360 USB port and download the Ipod connectivity thing on Xbox Live that allows you to use your Ipod with the music player on the console. If you don�t have an Ipod just try and use windows media player with the console. Now you need to go online and get a play list of really hardcore Metallica. Now once you got a play list that is at least an hour long. Go back to the Xbox and load up Lost Odyssey again. Once back in the white room. Start the very first thousand years of dreams sequence from your main menu. Push guide right as it starts and load up your play list. Now you need to watch every single dream sequence while listening to the songs. Luckily the game realizes what you are doing by now and the text will come at a little more fast paced. Finally after doing all this bullsh err�totally necessary stuff. You will start to encounter random battles in the white room!

Here where it gets a little complicated. You need to have Mack in your party as you start battling the monster. You�ll only encounter pink colored Kelelons in the white room that give a 100 exp per match. You need grind so Mack can go from level 61 or below all the way up to level 99. This will take awhile but hey you got a Metallica play list to listen to while your doing it! Once at level 99 Mack will learn the best green magic spell in the whole game the big Mack attack.

(Pictured: Mack performing the BIG MACK ATTACK in the white room)

Now that you know the big Mack attack, it is finally time for the final part of Lirium�s revival. Here�s where it gets a tad bit challenging. Go and fight the final boss. If you entered the code correctly (God help you if you didn�t). You should be able to fight the final boss with any characters the whole time including mortals. You need to have in your party Kaim, Sarah, Cooke and Mack when you fight the boss.( since they are Lirium�s family) When fighting the final boss you may only use the simple physical attacks and healing items only! Once you get the boss down to his final form its time to unleash the BIG MACK ATTACK. Mack being the scrappy kid that he is, will unleash the big Mack attack as the final blow. The boss will die and everything will be peaceful. Out of that huge bubble light thing, Lirium will walk out alive and healthy! Everyone will run up and hug Lirium. Not paying attention to their surrounding the building will collapse on top of them. Everyone dies! Congratulations you just got the BAD ending of Lost Odyssey. What the hell did you expect? Bringing back a character you died in a cutscene? That goes against all Rpg norms but you just had to push it didn�t you? DIDN�T YOU?
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