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The Q's "Gaming News"

With EGM Gone what will become of the Q and his "news?" it's been a few months since EGM's death. But fear not. The Q's "news" hasn't gone anywhere.

LUNAR 3 in 2011

Gamearts with Help from Square has been working on Lunar 3 for the XBOX 360. Word has it that the Game will be in HD 2d a first for an RPG of any kind. It's 2 years away but it's coming. Lunar Fans won't be disapointed

Final Fantasy VII remake IS coming........to DS

Ever wanted to fight Jenova on the Crapper? Well This winter you will. The Q has Found out that Square will release a DS Version of the Beloved classic with enhanced Cut Scenes the game will be on a high Capacity DS Card and might even have added content and an update of the battle system.

Capcom's next HD Remix is......

The Q's Ninjas at Capcom have tole me the Next 2 HD Remix games will be Vampire Savior (Darkstalkers 3) and Strider. Both should be out Next year.

DOA Warriors

Word has it that DOA Code Cronus isn't dead after all after the merger with Koei the Dynasty Warriors Team is working on the prequel game which will basically be Dynasty Warriors DOA.

The Next VS GAME IS.........

With Marvel Tied up and only otaku drooling over Tatsunoko VS Capcom Capcom is working on the next VS Game to appeal to both the East and West and that VS Game is Capcom VS DIC...... Becuase everyone wants to see Inspector Gadget fight Dhalsim.

See ya next month
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