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Refused Classification Podcast (for Aussie Dtoiders) - Pilot Records Tonight


Even though this message has been previously sent out to our fellow destructoid brothers and sisters, I cannot contain my soggey pants...and so, I must let forth a mighty spurge of copy and paste to show that I too am a commited mother fucker to the cause of stuffing a cactus up Mr. Atkinson's arse.

If you are an Australian, Dtoidian and Gamer or you just love the sound of Australian accents (which most American's do once they indeed find out we are Australian over Xbox live, and therefore stop hanging shit on us because they relise we aren't from England [No Offence intended to Jim Sterling] then you may find some solace in the fact that a new era is approaching...

We're recording a podcast! Yes that's right, like Destructoid hasn't got enough podcasts already, right?

So why are we recording a podcast, you ask? Well we feel that Dtoid needs a little more Australian representation, so what better way to reach out to the Aussie contingent of the community than by discussing what's been happening in gaming in this wide brown land of ours. Now while this podcast will feature a lot of Australian content and representation, it will not be exclusively Australian so if you happen to reside anywhere else and feel like listening you won't be excluded.

So, if you wanna hear us carry on about being a gamer in Australia, or if you just want to listen and laugh at our funny sounding accents, feel free to leave us a question and keep an eye out tomorrow for our very first episode of Refused Classification!

Your hosts for this evening shall be;
Myself, Mr Dillinger
Puppy Licks

Puppy Licks suggested you be gentle because it is our first time...well, my first time in anything hasn't been that crash hot, specially when my first sexual encounter was an old man named Bob hanging out in an ice cream truck just outside my pre-school who asked if I wanted extra topping on my cone and I regretfully said yes...he was amazing, but I totally sucked.

Anyway, tune in and feel free to be honest so I can be honest right back at your sorry ass.
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