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A Closer Look At Destructoid Artisan Pendelton21


Hey, kids. Pendelton here. I'm very proud to be in this wonderful group (and even more proud that we made the freaking front page today), and I'd like to take some time to talk a little more about myself, and showcase the wonderful medium that is perler beads.

First, what exactly are these "bead sprites" I'm making? Well, here's a breakdown from the amazing spriter Doctor Octoroc:

Bead [beed] - the particular beads used for this art form are made of soft plastic, around 1/5Āć in diameter with a hole through the center, and a relatively low heat tolerance, for the purpose of being ironed, melted, and fused together with their adjacent kin. These beads are generally manufactured by Perler or Hama company, the only difference between the two being their color selection and a fraction variation in diameter.

Sprite [sprahyt] - a two dimensional, pre-rendered image, generally one of a sequence used in animation, as pertaining to interactive games, best known on home video game consoles, such as the Nintendo Entertainment System, Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis. These images are generally low resolution (8 or 16 bits) and limited in color, being made of clearly visible pixels (units of display in all computer or digitally generated images).

So, put the two together, and you have a real-life interpretation/representation of your favorite video game character, pixel-by-pixel. I like to take it a bit further however, and prefer to draw up some of my own pixel art to re-create with the beads.

I first got into perler beads early this past summer. I had been looking for a way to create something beautiful and artistic related to gaming, since the only thing gaming-related I would produce are fantastic, mind-blowing articles (like the ones found at Backwards Compatible). So, I searched the internets, and came across Sprite Stitch, a gaming-related crafter's site. Everything I saw on there I was amazed by, whether it was super-long Mario knitted scarves, or Zelda needlepoint, or even hand-crafted gaming mugs. Eventually, I started seeing people put up their perler creations and thought, "Hey! I have little-to-no artistic talent, but this seems right up my alley!" So, I got to work on my first pieces, which were nothing special (your basic Mario and Link sprites).

Then, I came across a contest in the Sprite Stitch forums, where forum members were asked to make pieces in the theme of power-ups and special abilities. Since I had been going through a Chrono Trigger run at the time, I instantly thought of the amazing Masamune, and got to work on a perler bead piece I thought might be cool. This was the finished product:

Since I had so much fun making this, and since I got some love in the forums for making it, I decided to continue to make pieces. Eventually, after seeing the work the amazing DtoiderFaith was doing, I opened up my own Etsy shop, and started selling my pieces.

What sets me apart from most bead spriters is that I try and make my own variations of sprites. For instance, if you check out my Etsy shop, you can see an Ulala piece I made. The design is a mix of Celes' sprite from Final Fantasy 3 and Ulala herself, made entirely from scratch. The same goes for the Blue Castle Crasher knight, and my newest piece, Mr. Destructoid, who was fashioned from a re-skinned Mega Man sprite I found:

And, as most of you know from my Dtoid avatar, I also like working with the beads in 3-D. Yep, that Dtoid robot I use as my avatar is entirely constructed of Perler beads, and is a 3-dimensional figure.

So, I hope you had a good time learning a little more about my shop, and what I do. Be sure to check out the work of Doctor Octoroc (who does the best fucking work I've EVER seen) and Faith (who was my main inspiration for starting my store). If you have any other questions about me/my shop, or want a custom order, I can be reached at [email protected]
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