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PS3 FNF Clan Battle Recap

I know, I know. I'm rather late with this recap. I was attending a party on Saturday. The theme was the recession. Which basically means cheap beer and wine. But because it was so cheap we could buy loads. Needless to say I was pretty wasted. I also skipped another on Friday because of Friday Night Fights. Staying up for almost 48 hours and cheap drinks result in beautiful hangovers.

My beloved city of Amsterdam was invaded by Kilt wearing Scots because of a Holland vs Scotland football match. Although Holland raped Scotland there was such a nice atmosphere. Everybody was drunk, everybody loved each other and everybody puked their guts out on the streets. Good times were had!

But enough of my escapades. Let's see how Destructoid Alpha vs Destructoid Beta went down. That's what you're here for anyway.

So there you have it. Alpha raped Beta with 7 to 0!!

Things seen and overheard during and after the match:




Shipero: "We rocked so hard we melted their faces off and you can't play very well without a face."

Everyone: "RonBurgandy, shut the fuck up!"

Jimbo: "Dude, if you guys don't make fun of us I'll have to do it myself!"

Shipero wins a medal for returning all 3 Search and Retrieve speakers by himself.

Mushman wins a medal for being the overall top player.

Jimbo wins a pat on the back for being the worst overall player.

JackofnoTrades wins a medal for loudest laughs.

Here's the full list:

Alpha - ISA
1 mushmania101
2 JohanHin
3 njsykora
4 Shipero
5 DarkTravesty
6 TBThief
7 ElZilcho
8 Pascuz46
10 IronPikeman
11 ZombiePlatypus
12 JackofNoTrades85
21 decoyb

9 Corak
13 Nexus14
14 RonBurgandy2010
15 SilverDragon1979
16 brandnewkirk
17 Daxelman
18 Dr_Rockzo_89
19 FalconReaper
20 nabil2199
22 JamesEwing
23 k0wb0y-b33b0p

I'm going to give points to each and every player. So we can see who's really the best player. I could just give 32 points to Rank 1, 31 points to Rank 2, but maybe someone has got a better idea. Any suggestions are welcome.

If you want to see what was going on exactly you can always check the Battle Replay over here:
Clan Battle Replay

A couple of points for future clan battles:

One match is not enough. Guerrilla is updating the game so we'll have to see what they'll change about Clan battles.

I'm updating the Clan Blog as we speak. I'll post the update sometime later this week. I'll also add our plans for next weeks Clan Battle.

I want to know what's your favorite map. I don't want to be some kind of dictator that makes the choices all by himself. Vote for your favorite map in the comments.

And last but not least. I would love to know if someone has video capture capabilities. It would be great to show a real video in the recaps. Because you've got to admit, the above video doesn't say much.

That's it for this week. I had a great time I hope you too. I was pretty psyched beforehand and I'm glad we won. I don't want to give Jimbo, Silverdragon and the rest an excuse to talk shit.

We will see you next week!
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