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Winter still alive for Wii...?

Some of you may remember a dark game for Wii called Winter. It was an extra-curricular tech demo created on the developer's own time for Wii, and a few years ago they pitched it to developers and were promptly turned away, being told "such games had no place on a child's system."

In that time, IGN revealed the game on their Wii subsite, and thousands of Wii owners cried in outrage at a potentially interesting third-party effort on the system. A petition was formed, and since then n-Space has confirmed while they have too much on their plate to start of development of Winter right now, since the petition and unveiling via IGN, they have received numerous offers of interest from publishers.

Now, apparently n-Space has spruced up their tech demo build, as IGN reports that n-Space was showing off an updated version at GDC. IGN says its graphics are substantially better than what we saw in the old video, and that n-Space has actually implemented Wii Motion+ into the build.

It would appear IGN and the Internet's petition has done the unthinkable and actually brought Winter back to life.
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