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EUFNF: The importance teamwork in L4D.

I'm going to make this brief.

In short, I was in the EUFNF session of L4D and, well, because there was six of us I ended up on the player 2 team that had random pub users popping up every once in a while.
I have no idea if their inability to communicate with us because LOL PARTY is like that but they ran off leaving myself and SurplusGamer to fend for ourselves.
Which, I didn't do too well.

The basic summery went like this:

No Mercy
Act 1 - I, as Frances, get a little ahead of my self, wonder down the stars and get pinned by a hunter, everything went to hell soon after, 13 points.

Act 2 - Deciding to be a bit more diplomatic about the process (That and we murdered team Wordrox with a nicely timed Tank), SurplusGamer and I decide to fuck the pubers and work together. Outside the door SG is Smokered and before I can turn around to un Somker him, I get Hunter'd, the two pubers, the assholes, don't come back to help us. Another 13 for us.

Act 3 - In fairness, I think we made some progress here, I mean we got 26 points for our troubles but the problems persisted, in that the pubbers would not frickin' help us.

Act 4 - Salvation! The pubbers leave and we get bots, we actually make it to the lift before being murdered (I think we broke tripple figures here)

Finale - We made it to the Radio, pubbers happened, that's about it, we broke tripple again.

In short, don't trust Pubbers on a XBL party game. They will make your life miserable and get you murdered by Zombies.

Object lesson? Even if they're friends from teh internet, have people you know on your team of survivors during the Zombie Apocalypse. People who just pop up will Leave you.

Leave you 4 Dead.

Besides that GG everyone.
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