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And, yes, she also has to own every Sonic game that has ever existed. So, on Launch Day, she was the 12th in line at our neighborhood Toys Rí Us, ready to pick up that wonderful system. And pick it up she did. I can remember her bringing home the giant bag, containing Sonic Adventure, a Prima guide showing off a bunch of launch titles, and the Dreamcast itself. And, holy shit if we didnít play that thing all NIGHT. Hell, it was more like that entire week. Up to this point, my only interaction with Sega had been a few runs through Tailsí Adventure and Sonic Triple Trouble on my sisí Game Gear. From that point on, I was a Dreamcast fanatic.

The definition of love.

Really, to me, the Dreamcast was the perfect system; Iíd never felt a controller like that before (no Nintendo controller had those proportions and, at that time, I was still pissed off about the N64 controller), the VMU was amazing for its dual function as memory card/FUCKING GAMING SYSTEM, and the games. Oh lawd, the games. I canít think about Jet Set Radio, Space Channel 5, Skies of Arcadia, or Phantasy Star Online without letting out a guttural noise and having my eyes roll to the back of my head. I think about those games the way most people think about supermodels and Tom Selleck. One day, I had a revelation: if current Sega games were this good, were ALL Sega games amazing. Luckily, I was able to find that out, again with the help of my sister.

Along with owning every Sonic game, she must also apparently own every Sonic game on every format available. So, my older sibling has been picking up those Plug-N-Play devices you see if youíre bored walking through Target and stumble into the toy isle and look at all the cool shit youíre too old to enjoy. They come packaged with about 6-8 games, and itís the most random assortment of titles youíd ever see. While Iíve been away at college, sheís been picking these things up. So, whenever Iíd go home, sis would probably have a new Plug-N-Play to mess around with. This was a gigantic windfall for me, because all of my gaming items were back at school, and Iíd normally be gone for a weekend with no gaming devices around. Thus, I would spend bored Saturday afternoons testing out every game in the system. I was shown a whole new world of games with such strange game mechanics: The Blob, Gain Ground, Shining Force, Flicky, Ecco The Dolphin. Iíd never touched anything before that felt like those games. Youíre honestly not gonna find anything like The Blob or Ecco on a Big N console. I finally began to think that Sega did what Nintendidnít. Then, a few weeks ago, I gave of myself, mind, body, and soul to the Church of Almighty Spined Mammal, when I got Sonicís Ultimate Genesis Collection.

I feel like that 7-year-old peering into his auntís trunk all over again. The smorgasbord of new Genesis titles reminds me of days past. All of the emotions are rushing back: the majesty of discovering new characters, powers, and the all-powerful boss characters, the pride of getting as far as possible on such minimal amenities like lives and continues, the rage and frustration in discovering maddening game mechanics (Iím looking at you, Fatal Labyrinth).

Oh, donít give me that look. You know what youíve done.

Itís seriously amazing to play Phantasy Star, and see a game thatís better than some Final Fantasy games, play Shinobi 3, and wonder why Ninja Gaiden is so special, play Doctor Robotnickís Mean Bean Machine, and try and forget the idea of Tetris. Iím getting to experience an entirely new console for the first time. And, dare I say it again, itís a console that knew what the fuck it was doing. Why the Wii is in existence and the Dreamcast 2 is a faded dream, Iíll never know. But, having taken this journey I can finally yell out what so many before me have yelled out:

P.S. I just realized that, while writing this, I've been listening to Feels Like The First Time by Foreigner. Weird.
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